Beautiful anime art



Anonyme a demandé: Are you drawing and creating the art you post yourself? Because you never tag sources and if you're reposting stuff you didn't make yourself that's really not nice. I love the things you post but I am really suspicious bcs you never reblog and reposting is just not nice and I think we should all give credits to whom credits belong.. That's really not meant offensive I'm just trying to give a hint here.. If you've drawn all the art yourself you're truly amazing because it is very beautiful!! Xxx

I’m not the maker of all the art I post, but I always put the source (If there is no source, I forgot to put it, tell me which post and I will correct it)

If you see art in your dashboard, the source is here :

If you see art dirrectly in my blog, the source is here :

When you click on the link you are redirected to the pixiv page of the art (where you can check the profile of the artist who made the art). In the case of the picture which I take for example the source is : http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=44725235

To finish, I reblog art which I really like and which appear in my dashboard but I don’t follow a lot of blogs so there are no many pictures in my dashboard.

I hope I’ve answered to your question

mcplatius a demandé: Hey dude you've stopped posting art...

Yes, I’m sorry :/

I’ve restarted school and this year I’m very very busy. I’ll try to keep on posting art regularly.

yoko-yuna a demandé: I have said this 1000 times but I'm really in love with your blog !!!! It's soooooo amazing & beautiful !!! I will say that probably one more time and i hope that I don't annoy you with my spam ^_−☆ Keep your beautiful blog up beautiful person (^_-)

Thank you very much :D

No, you don’t annoy me, on the contrary ! It makes me happy when I receive nice messages like this;)

sarastyleworld a demandé: Hey! I was in the nighboor and i noticed one of the pictures which is a girl drawing her city with alot of colours in her hands while the city is kinda gray. Did u draw this? All this is your art? I mean.... wow..

I’m not the maker of all arts which are in my blog (I haven’t got any drawing skill ^^), they’re all made by artists who post their work on Pixiv (the link to the art is in “Source”).

For the one you noticed, this is the artist’s profile with his others creations.